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    Done a lot the last weeks. Learned .NET MVC 4 and is working on a cool site with this technology. Have been on a company-cruise to Kiel. See the above sunset picture which is from our trip back home. Been setting up a company website with fully responsive desing, set up in Drupal. That was fun.

    Shadowrun Troll

    Shadowrun Troll

    Drawing, something i haven't done in 3 years. This was triggered by me reading up on Shadowrun, a game i have always wanted to know more about. And with the soon-to-be-released game Shadowrun Returns (25 july) which i recently ordered, i took some time to read the fifth edition rulebooks to see what the setting is about. I even tried out the old SNES game some. Was fun. And now i want to play it, really bad.


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