More than one year with no activity here. Time to turn up the volume! The Plan was to build my own blog. Better, stronger, MVC, my own source and using what ice learned so far. I had a good-working prototype with image upload and rich text editor, but as usual I suddenly abandoned the project. Since then this blog have been deserted while I've been trying to force myself to continue the project every time I looked at the Drupal site.

I've set up an Orchard CMS blog instead. So far it's promising. And open source and C#.

Nb: Try writing prototype on your Windows phone swipe, it's just back and forth on the upper row. :)

More to come soon, I hope. If I'm not too busy.

Dunwall sunset - Dishonored

Tags: Gaming, Artistic

Once a city of beauty, Dunwall was now falling apart from corruption within. If it was only the rats, we could have survived. But in panic, human turns against human, and every drop of spilled blood … more